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Linnumäe Nature Farm

B & B
Max no of clients: 6
Open: All year roun
casserole, mushroom soup
Ohepalu küla, 
45204, Kadrina vald, 
Lääne-Viru county
Telephone:            +372 325 2332      
Cellphone:            +372 5563 0325      ;            +372 5650 6858      
kulalistemaja [at] gmail.com
Contact person: Õnnela Neidek eesti keeles ??????? ???? english 
GPS coordinates:  25°57'39'' E, 59°20'37'' N 
If you like HEALTHY LIVING STYLE, BEAUTIFUL NATURE, REFRESHING WATER, CANOES and if you are not intimidated by the changeable weather conditions then at our place you will find the best possibilities to spend your free time as in spring, summer, autumn and in winter.
It is a typical north Estonian cottager farm, which is the only well-preserved cottage farm in the region. There is no electricity in the household, light is given by candles and oil lamps. 
For guests we offer sauna and accommodation in an old farmhouse (two rooms with three beds). For sauna visitors there is a fireplace room, outdoor grill and campfire site with seats. Near the sauna there is an artificial lake. In the storehouse one can sleep on hays. 
Additional facilities and services: Canoe tours on the Estonian rivers, rent of canoes, hiking tours with a tour guide, bicycle tours (own bicycle needed, maps and upon need a tour guide). 
Prices: Sauna 51,1 €/evening (bigger groups 10,2 €/person).

In addition we offer accommodation and seminar service in the nearby Õnnela Guesthouse (www.onnela.ee).

Active Tourism
Natural Fishing 
Bird watching 
Sleigh rides 
Carriage rides 
Nature trips 
EHE mark
National dishes  (60 people)
50-100 people  (60 people)
Ulukitoit  (60 people)
Taimetoit  (60 people)

20-50 people
Seminar (50 people)

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