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Gotham Theme Park (Kilplala)

Müüsleri küla, 
73101, Kareda vald, 
Järva county
Telephone:            +372 3864 472      
Cellphone:            +372 5191 4282      
kilplased [at] kilplased.ee
Contact person: Helena Siiroja eesti keeles ??????? ???? suomi 
GPS coordinates:  25°53'6'' E, 58°55'12'' N 
Open: all year round (on pre-booking)
01.06-31.08 open Wed-Sun 12.00-16.00

Wise men of Gotham are characters of a national funny story, who are famous for their unpractical and pointless activities and joke pranks. The folktales of the wise men of Gotham were known already some 400 years ago in Germany.
Estonian national writer Fr.R.Kreutzwald translated the tales of wise men of Gotham into Estonian language and made them live in the County of Järvamaa, in the Parish of Peetri. 
If you want to know, what wise men of Gotham do, come visit us!
We have the Council of the wise men of Gotham, main gates, picture stand with face holes, tricky toilet, children’s playground, swing, atrium, observatory of the wise men of Gotham, basketball and volleyball courts, health trail, darts, wooden sculptures, parking lot, etc.
We offer:
• 1-hour walking tour with a guide, stories and attractions of the wise men of Gotham (on pre-booking).
• 2-hour adventure tours with games, plays, competitions, songs, dancing, etc. (on pre-booking).
• Handicrafts room in the Council of the wise men of Gotham, where you can master, model, shape, paint cups and do other interesting handicraft works. All you make you can take home with you. 
• Visiting of the exhibition of the wise man of Gotham - ticket 0,64 €.
Additional services: It is possible to buy handicraft and souvenirs related to the region and the wise men of Gotham. It is possible to rent the grill and buy campfire wood (usage of grilling places free of charge). First floor of the Council of the wise men of Gotham can be rented out for organising birthdays (ca 20 people). Possibility for camping.
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