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ATV or a mini-jeep is an easily driveable one-man-jeep which has been specified for the use on the dirt roads and on the roadless landscapes.

In spite of its great power and speed, it is relatively easily controllableand all the driving moves are quickly acquirable.

An ATV trip is a sporty and active kind of entertainment which is

enjoyable whatever the weather is like, and the more heavily passable the landscape is, the more interesting is the drive . Why not to reward your employees with a night trip, for example, and this way to guarantee the extinction of the daily routine for a long time.At the beginning of a trip, the relevant instruction and an in-car training are carried out.

Only when the instructor is convinced that all the participants of the motortrip are able to manage the vehicle well enough, thedirection ismade for the track.

At choosing the level of the difficulty of the track, the leader of the trip will definitely consider the wishes of the motorists.

For renting, 5 Suzuki Kingquad LTA 700 ATV-s are available. It is

possible to rent the ATV-s for an hour for driving in the pit, or for a group trip together with an instructor for 2 .... hours.

Upon request and for extra pay, it is possible to have the trip filmed and later to procure it to yourself.



Package price    144EUR/ per trip / per ATV

1 hour in the pit - 60.- EUR / per hour 


e-mail:  info@tuuletravel.ee 

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Tuhala Nature Centre

75103, Kose vald, 
Harju county
Telephone:            +372 607 9257      
Cellphone:            +372 5698 4123      
tuhala [at] tuhalalooduskeskus.ee
Contact person: Ants Talioja eesti keeles 
GPS coordinates:  24°58'2'' E, 59°12'4'' N 
The biggest Karst Area in Estonia (188 ha).
The River of Tuhala, running through the Karst Area starts from Ämmaauk as three legs – runs more than 6 km underground and enters the ground as the Springs of Veetõusme and Kalda.
During flood the river disappears underground yet in more than 80 whirlpools. On the Karst Field there is the longest cave in Estonia,Virulase Cave (direct length 58 m, total length of galleries over 90 m) and the unique Nõiakaev (Witch Well) that during flood “boils” 100 litres of water in a second and the five mightiest energy columns in Estonia.
On the Hiking Track that passes through the Tuhala Karst Area (2,5 km) you can either hike or drive bicycle or car on the road. The Hiking Track is suitable for family camps.
Excursions with a local guide are organised on the Hiking Track (beforehand contact the Tuhala Nature Centre that is open all year round).
You should camp on the Tuhala Karst Area in wet as well as in dry season, so you will have something to compare.
During the high water the caves are under water up to 7 m.
Active Tourism

WILD EVENTS – Experiences join!

Open: All year roun  
11711, Tallinn, 
Harju county
Cellphone:            +372 5563 2698      ;            +372 5695 9488      
info [at] wildevents.ee
Contact person: Allan Bernard; Oliver Endla eesti keeles ??????? ???? english 
A good possibility to organize active company events, gatherings or birthdays in nature or indoors for small companies or for big groups. 
Unsolvable situations for fun teamwork.
Wall – with the help of each other surpass a 3 metre high even wall.
Carrying the victim – carrying “the victim” through different obstacles.
Staging different ages, where the thrilling imagination will broaden the fantasies and enthusiasm of each member inspires the whole team. 
Middle Age Tournament – Tournament of Knights, the experience to fight with swords on the arena of gladiators in costumes or even in armour is exhilarating and memorable.
Middle Age Battle Game – Sword in hand, dressed in armour you have to defend your territory form the attacks of the neighbouring kingdom. 
Adventurous Role Play – A fairy tale show, with evil dragons, mighty knights and beautiful princesses, romance, mystics and a bit of horror. 
Before the High Adventure Trail even the bravest hesitate and think. First of all this is meant for people, who want to experience speed, fear, free falling and a lot of adrenaline. More than ten bloodcurdling exercises.
Gladiators on a beam – a fight on a 8 m beam with soft sticks. The height, balance and heat of competition ensure a memorable experience.
Rope benji - benji jump from a smaller height, but extremely exciting and emotional.
Active Tourism
Team games 
Adventure Track 
Mountain climbing 
Nature trips 
Rope descending in nature 


Tamme Farm Herb Garden

Open: May - October  
Malda küla, 
88314, Audru vald, 
Pärnu county
Cellphone:            +372 5625 3075      
tamme.aiandustalu [at] gmail.com
Contact person: Heli Viedehof eesti keeles ??????? ???? english 
GPS coordinates:  24°19'15'' E, 58°26'52'' N 
Site description:  12 km from Pärnu towards Lihula, then from a crossroads to the right in the direction of Lavassaare 3 km (follow the signposts).
A walk in the herb garden of the Tamme Farm, in a paradise of smells and tastes!
Tamme horticultural farm is a farm near Pärnu engaged in alternative production, where you can get acquainted with a model garden of herbs, where, in addition, interesting vegetables and bedding plants used in culinary, are grown.
We offer: Walking in the herb garden of the Tamme Farm with the hostess as a guide, on pre-booking. A delicious herb tea belongs to the walking. It is possible to order the hostess’ herb pie to go with the tea. 
In the Farm store the products of the Farm are sold: tasty conserves of berries, vegetables and herbs, herb and tea mixes and other exiting herb products. 
In season, the plant selling place is open.
In winter season, the store is open if warned about the coming beforehand. 

Excursions in the garden from May to October (10.00-19.00), with the duration of ~1,5 hours.
Size of a group starting from 10 people.
In the garden pavilion possibility to have a picnic for up to 50 people.
Package price: A walk in the garden with a guide 3,83 €/person (10-50 people in a group, herb tea) with a duration of ~1,5 hours, free of charge for children. Independent walk in the garden 1,6 €/person, free of charge for children.
Something Different

Up to 20 people
Seminar (10 people)

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